About us

Jill Knowles and Sue Twort founded Marchants House Therapy Centre as a centre for counselling, group work, training and self-development workshops in 1994. We have spent much of our time since then working as professional counsellors in private practice and in schools in the South East UK, with children ranging in age from three to young people of eighteen. We are experts in child therapy – a synthesis of therapies tailored to the needs of the individual child and the requirements and wishes of the parent/s. Jill’s Hearing Dog, Lola, is part of the Marchants House team and provides unique therapy of her own, when appropriate. For more details see Therapy Dog Helps Confidence.

We have created Childlight so that we can share many of the proven ideas, techniques and strategies we have learned and created while working with children, with a much wider audience. In particular, we want to make these resources available to parents and carers so they can use them with their children.

In our view, there seems to be a tendency these days to “label” children exhibiting various signs of distress at the drop of a hat. Too often, this labelling leads to prescribed drugs and a number of problems both within and outside school. We offer a more gentle approach to helping children with problems of all kinds.

Our methods involve selecting from the wide range of therapies we regularly use to ensure the best help for the child. We are all different, so it is no surprise that some methods and therapies work better for one child than another. We view each child as an individual and unique person and our therapeutic methods reflect this.

Many children and young people have benefited greatly from our approach and we have included some (anonymous) examples on our Success Stories Page. However, we do not make any over-the-top promises or claims for what we do and our recommendations are not intended to replace any advice given by a doctor or other medical practitioner.

More information about our methods is contained in the Therapies Page.

If you have been looking for a professional, individual and effective approach for your child’s problems, we hope you will find something to help you here at Childlight.

Jill Knowles and Sue Twort
Marchants House Therapy Centre.