Jill’s book ‘Whispers in my Ear’ is available for download now from Amazon Kindle

‘Whispers in My Ear’ is a collection of true stories about children’s lives as told to Jill, their counsellor and contains vivid accounts of their traumas and tragedies. Trying to live within step-families, losing loved ones through death and divorce, self-harming, enduring bullying, coping with diabilities and falling out with their friends, these moving, real life accounts are told in the children’s own voices.

Jill’s severe hearing loss caused by meningitis brings unexpected joy when miniature poodle Lola joins her as her hearing dog. Lola’s progress is detailed as she blossoms into an amazing therapy dog. The uplifting stories about her inter-action with distressed children illustrate the unique bond between children and pets, as well as the bond between a deaf person and her animal helper.

Delivered in a jargon-free style, the book reveals the sometimes surprising techniques Jill has used to successfully help young people aged five to eighteen over the years. They will inspire everyone who wants to help children face life’s difficulties, including parents and those who work with children professionally.

‘Whispers in My Ear’ is sad, funny, distressing, uplifting, compelling, thought provoking and riveting. The stories of the children take the reader on a roller-coaster of emotions, just like those experienced by the youngsters themselves.


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Fibs, porkies & tall stories - why children lie


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